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TiARA Temperature Change Gel Polish changes colour based on the air or temperature of your body. The colours will continue to change back and forth depending on the temperature. Twelve colours to choose from. Available in 7.3ml.

Instructions for use:

Trim, clean and shape your nails then wipe with a cleansing pad (or under water)

Apply a thin layer of TiARA Base Coat. Cure under the UV/LED lamp for 30 seconds

Shake bottle and apply a layer of TiARA Temperature Change Gel. Encase the tip to ensure it is long lasting. Cure under lamp for 30 seconds. Apply a second coat and repeat with another 30 seconds under the lamp

Apply a thin layer of TiARA Classic Top Coat. Cure under the lamp for 60 seconds

Wipe with a cleansing pad if there is any tacky residue. Finished!

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