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Tiara Cosmetics


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TiARA Temperature Change Gel Polish changes colour based on the air or temperature of your body which make for a fun day of colour-changing polish. There are twelve colours to choose from. Available in 7.3ml.

Instructions for use:

Trim, clean and shape your nails then wipe with a cleansing pad (or under water)

Apply a thin layer of TiARA Base Coat. Cure under the UV/LED lamp for 30 seconds

Shake bottle and apply a layer of TiARA Temperature Change Gel. Encase the tip to ensure it is long lasting. Cure under lamp for 30 seconds. Apply a second coat and repeat with another 30 seconds under the lamp

Apply a thin layer of TiARA Classic Top Coat. Cure nails under the lamp for 60 seconds for the finishing touch.

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