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Tiara Cosmetics

Stainless Steel Nail Stamping Plates

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Stainless Steel Stamping Plates for nail art. Silicone stamper sold separately.

These stainless steel stamping plates allow you to take any design from the etched metal plate and transfer the art directly to your nails. A very quick, simple and affordable way to get your favourite designs to your nails creating a beautiful one-of-a-kind manicure.


Directions for use: Remove film (first time use)
Take your desired colour stamping polish and apply it liberally to the plate.
Scrape across once with plastic card holding it at a 45 degree angle.
Press the silicone nail stamp into the plate firmly, in a rolling motion.
Roll the stamp across the desired nail, being sure to press firm enough to get in the crevices of your nails
Clean up the edges with a q-tip dipped in acetone. Finished!

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