Holo Effect Nail Powder

Holo Effect Nail powder is nearly everything a nail-polish fanatic could ask for. To create the holo effect follow the steps below:

1. Apply Tiara Classic Base Coat, ensure you coat the tips too, then cure for 30 seconds under our UV/LED lamp.

2. Apply two coats of Tiara Classic Colour Coat. Any colour works but most people find black gives the best results. Don't forget to coat the tips of your nails. Cure under the lamp for 30 seconds after each coat.

3. Get the sponge supplied and tap the holo powder onto the nails. Once applied use the sponge to gently buff the product into the nails. As you buff the finish will get smoother and smoother. Don't press too hard as this will cause dents.

4. Use a soft eyeshadow brush, sponge or cleansing wipe to wipe away any excess powder on or around your nails

5. Apply Tiara Classic Top Coat, remember to coat the tips of your nails then cure under the lamp for 30 seconds. Finished!