About Us

TiARA - empowering you!

TiARA offers nail products and TiARA nail kits to help women & girls achieve beautifully painted nails for professional results with our exclusive products in the comfort of your own home.

We understand that beauty and self-care can be a challenge when you are on the go with busy lives, so treat yourself to a more cost-effective and relaxing way of doing your nails.

Our new line of 'TiARA Girls' nail kits include empowering TiARA gems, which aim to harness feminine energy and allow you to cultivate and channel a particular empowering energy based on your inner needs. When this gem is placed on the left pinkie nail, it is the ultimate symbol of self-love, inner beauty and empowerment.

We want women and girls to feel empowered with TiARA nails; whether it be for a casual everyday look, complementary to a professional image or simply just for fun! With TiARA, our customers will always be ready for any event feeling dazzling, elegant and ready for any occasion.